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Mave is located in the heart of Redfern:

Suite 17, 617 Elizabeth Street
Redfern NSW 2016

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Suite 17, 617 Elizabeth Street
Redfern, NSW, 2016

+61 (0) 416 071 900

Mave is an energetic brand communications agency specialising in PR, influencer engagement and advocacy programs. 



We understand how the media works and what makes a story. We engage with editors, journalists, bloggers, customers, prospects, analysts, gadflies.We identify the right people with the right fit, open up a dialogue and offer value so they can speak credibly and authentically about your brand.

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Technology PR and Influencer Relations

From the world’s largest software and hardware companies to working with start-ups and emerging technologies, MAVE knows and understands the PR Technology sector.

With decades of experience under our collective belt, we know the titles, the editors, the journalists, the bloggers and the influencers. We have placed every kind of technology story, run robust reviews programs and created dialogue across a vast number of channels.


Consumer PR and Influencer Relations

With a strong network of media, blogger and influencer contacts across all forms of lifestyle and consumer media, MAVE understands how to create and implement campaigns that have impact.

We have a history of creating compelling, meaningful and engaging content that generates positive press, gets people talking and inspires them to take action. MAVE has worked with many consumer brands including leaders in the retail, food, hospitality and sporting industries.

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Financial Services PR AND Influencer Relations

As with many business sectors, the financial services and banking industry has - and continues to - experience unprecedented change due the advent of new technologies and consumer behaviours, needs and wants.

MAVE helps financial and professional services organisations push the boundaries in public relations, content marketing, social media, and influencer engagement. From targeted campaigns with trade and business media to broad awareness in mainsteam and technology press, we partner with financial services brands to turn media engagement into real business currency.

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Social Media Strategy AND Community Management

MAVE has extensive experience creating compelling content and engaging with communities through social media for its clients. We understand that effective social engagement places the customer at the centre of communication and builds authoritative advocates and engaged customer communities.

MAVE works with its clients on social strategy development, blog design and content development, as well as social network monitoring and community engagement.


For select projects MAVE partners with Gareth Llewellyn of Artechulate for social media strategy development and consultation. Artechulate is a business-to-business (B2B) Social communications consultancy focussed on helping individuals and organisations better articulate their message through Social technologies. MAVE and Artechulate combine a PR discipline and methodology to the process of using social media to communicate with stakeholders.