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Suite 17, 617 Elizabeth Street
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Mave is an energetic brand communications agency specialising in PR, influencer engagement and advocacy programs. 


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Spare a thought for brand and influencer communications

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Source : Technorati 2013

Source : Technorati 2013

Years on, we’re still debating the “changing PR landscape” and the impact digital and social media channels like blogs, podcasts, online vids and social networks are having on the industry. In truth these “new influencers” – and I say that tongue in cheek – have already ripped into the very fabric of what was PR and marketing and turned the industry on its head – a long time ago.

Today, PR and marketing is charcterised by conversation and community, yet so many agencies are struggling with this concept and how it applies to them and their clients. Why is this the case?

Of course, there is still a place for traditional media but the more savvy agencies think beyond publicity and PR. The new world – a world that’s having the biggest impact on brands – relies heavily on influencer relations and engagement. An agency worth its salt must have these broad skill sets and understand when and where to apply them.

But it's not just agencies that need to adapt, their clients do too. If a piece in the Tele is considered the be all and end all, then it's our job to demonstrate a better approach. An endorsement from a respected voice, for example, could have a greater impact and influence on their brand.

People - your customers - are more likely to trust information they receive from a credible, independent source. This is the way today as it has always been. It's just that today the pool of "influencers" are more effective and accessible than ever. All very good news for your brand.